About Us

We’re a nation of dreamers. We achieve, the unachievable. We love creating history. Absolute Pakistan is a web platform powered by the top Social networks of today, where each one of us will share the stories of people around us, who are making a positive impact on our society.

The platform will feature textual, pictorial, audio and video content from anyone who believes in Absolute Pakistan. In simple words, it is a crowd-sourced content platform for the Pakistanis, by the Pakistanis.

The recognition doesn’t end there. The platform, based on social voting will recognize and reward the top news-makers by bringing them to limelight and assisting their cause and belief in any possible way.

This isn’t a celebrity contest, so the submissions by the users will be reviewed by our content analyst to bring those stories to life, which have never been told or have been overshadowed by our stereotypical media platforms, always focusing on self-made socio-political issues making this land of opportunities, look like the worst place on this planet.

The platform has been conceived, designed and developed by Dot Republic Media.